General Questions


What is SEO Resurrection?

SEO Resurrection is a powerful Off Page SEO package. It is a compilation of knowledge, training, strategy, technique and software/ tools to help you crush any Off Page SEO task.

Is there an Upsell or OTO (One Time Offer)?


Do I Need The Upsell or OTO (One Time Offer)?

SEO Resurrection is available in two parts. Part 1 is the basic package. This a product is complete on its own, and you don’t need the OTO for it to work. However, the OTO is available to provide additional strategy and software to make the Off Page SEO process really fast and to make it a breeze. The basic package is brilliant, but if you want to make the entire process really fast, and have that additional power strategy then you should purchase the OTO.

Will I Be Able To Rank My Site Faster If I Get The OTO?

The OTO includes an advanced power strategy. This strategy will make the ranking process more powerful and almost certainly faster. The software you get will reduce the tasks by many hours per campaign, so all in all, you should not only rank faster, but the OTO will save you a huge amount of time.

I Posted My Articles Several Days Ago, And They Have Not Yet Been Indexed On Google – What Can I Do?

Google is an entity on its own and we can’t really hurry them up. If you have followed all the advice in the package and used the tools provided, you will find that your index rate will go through the roof, and the speed at which Google indexes your articles will be much faster. If you have followed the recommendations, you should just be patient, and you will succeed

Is there Any Kind Of Refund Policy In Place?

I am providing a 30 day money back guarantee on the standard or OTO purchase